Thursday, November 21, 2019

Understanding and carrying out health related behavior change Essay

Understanding and carrying out health related behavior change - Essay Example Data was collected through questionnaires and interviews. It is more accurate and private and the need to get quality feedback was the main reason for use of this method. The risks involved in this type of data analysis include the language barriers, as the natives were the target group. Financial problems and loss of contact between one group and another in form of communication were also reported. Use of different age and different ethnic groups together with relatives helped in reducing researcher bias. The data method was appropriate with the type of research conducted for this findings. The author identifies some difficulties encountered in the process of research such as language barrier and high cost condition to conduct the research. Data management practices included correlation and comparison with other journals from the internet and other sources. The findings did not address the whole purpose of the study since the study was restricted only the data was partially analyzed. Interpretations did not reflect the true findings even though reported change on healthy lifestyles was reported. Some of the variations were explained as the difference between men and women in Muslim religion and cultural beliefs on some types of food consumed. The findings came up with the information on beliefs and cultures on some food influence healthy development while the religion factor, e specially on women, also is different with other journals of research.

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